Profile :: Paresh  Maity

Stylized forms, flowing colours, movement & stillness co-exist in Paresh Maity’s work. For absolute luminescence, interplay of warm hues & vibrant colours & a criss-cross of the figurative, representative & stylized art, topped with academic technique, Paresh Maity has a unique place in the Indian art scene. There is the unmistakable ‘soulfulness’ of mood & memory, sweep & slash of colours that makes his artistry a wonderful coalescence of art & thought. Maity, who has just returned from a very successful showing at Art Stage, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, says, “I feel that my work reflects my attitudes & my approach to life. Just as I do not like the harsh side of life, my paintings too have no harshness. I like to look for mysterious notions, for lyrical quality & a touch of the poetic”.

The artist lives & works in New Delhi.