Rowena Girneet Baweja

Rowena Girneet Baweja 

The artist Rowena G.B began painting at a very young age. Being clairvoyant and a natural born artist, and scoring A Grade in her Intermediate Art Exams, she found herself at the prestigious J.J School of Fine Arts, Mumbai, at the age of 18. Not being satisfied with the limitation of her visual medium on paper/canvas, she left immediately for London to pursue Cinematography at The University of Arts, London. Wanting to explore the movement of images and colours. Her Graduation film “The Undertaker” was screened at Cannes Short Film Quarter. Rowena then returned from London to pursue her dreams in the film industry. During the course of experience in the industry, she discovered that no other visual medium provides an unadulterated platform where she can find complete freedom in her creativity, expression of the vision and immense connection to Source. Rowena generally starts from a blank canvas, space where she can create from nothingness and arrive at something intending to witness the nothingness where it all begins from and ends thereafter. She continues to explore herself as an Artist and has developed a Series of work titled “I Am” and “Dissolution”, which has already been received by Art Lovers across, India, Malaysia and Dubai. 

Currently, her debut film as a Cinematographer was a runaway success titled “Chaar Sahibzaade” and she is working on an art series titled “Synchronicity”.

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