Dimpy Menon

The sculptures come from a quiet place. There are three strains – the body in movement, the body in nature and the body in repose.

  I have always enjoyed the body in motion – a posture captured in a fraction of a movement. I am seeking to explore the limits in terms of energy. How much can this body take or give, that is my quest. How much can my body’s energy be translated into my work? This is symbolic of the effort I put in, and hence the thrill.

  The sheen of the bronze and the texture of the granite ensure they play off each other beautifully. Essentially all the work has to be firmly rooted in drawing. The human form is the main element in the composition. Nature is sometimes represented as it is, or symbolically. There is also a portrayal of the seamlessness between man and his environment.

  Through my work I try to connect the two extremes of movement – ‘stillness in motion’ as in In the Loop or ‘motion in stillness’ as in The Moon, the Stars and I.

 The human body is my medium and metaphor.



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