Kamar Alam

Kamar Alam (born 1979), holds a Post-graduate degree in Visual Art from Lalit Kala Sansthan, Agra, 2005 & Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting from College of Art, New Delhi in 2003.

Known for his distinct portrayal of the human form, his work brings forth the emotions hidden beneath the surface laying bare one’s perception of life as a whole and being part of the Satya (the truth of life). There is a cool serenity that pervades the inter-relationships and dialogues of his compositions, as his protagonists look inwards rather than outward. The figuration juxtaposed with a smearing of neutral elements and geometric shapes that have symbolic connotations emphasize his spiritual inspirations.

When more than one person comes together, the collective efforts bring a new energy and that gives rise to a new blossoming.


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