Vikash Kalra

(born in 1973)

Vikash was born in Delhi. He is a self-taught artist. His work has been in many solo, curated, as well as group shows in India, including Indian art fair 2012. Group show  “The dramatics of interpretation /perspectives”, Autum Auction with Artbull, Museum Collection-II, New Delhi, 2011. Solo show Nostalgia/Memory supported by Visual Art Gallery, IHC, New Delhi, 2011, The Artist The Man, IHC, New Delhi, 2010, Foyer, IHC, New Delhi, 2009, Epic Centre, Gurgaon, 2009, Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2008, 60 years of Independence, Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi, 2007, Rang Art Gallery, New Delhi, 2006, etc.

Vikash Kalra transforms the landscapes around him as if he were in a divine frenzy. Highly expressionistic in his approach, he creates the architectural landscape with its mirror reflection in order to emphasize that there is always a hidden other to everything that is visible. 

Vikash lives and works in Delhi.


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